Moderate Wine Drinkers Live Longer, Study Shows

The debate over alcohol and health gets a positive boost from a detailed analysis of 8,000 older Americans

California's Most Expensive Wines

The seemingly unstoppable price hikes for Napa's top wines would appear to be running out of steam.

Wine in Space? The Truth Is Out There

Fifty years after Apollo 11, we asked NASA about the state of spacewine.

What is a Cru?

The word "cru" takes on different meanings across various French wine regions.

Anson: Why We Need Ethical Fine Wine

Jane proposes a new approach for how we categorise fine wine, with the emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility...

Don’t panic: World Wine Supplies Rebound from Historic Low

Concerns about a shortage look to have been allayed after bumper 2018 harvests in Europe helped production recover from a slump in 2017, show new figures.

New Grapes Approved for Bordeaux

Bordeaux producers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of widening the grape pool in the region.

Burgundy Giant Boisset to Buy Maison Alex Gambal

Famille Boisset will acquire 30 acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards, the Gambal brand and inventory.

Do We Drink the Same Wine that the Romans Drank?

Did science just tell us that we drink the same wine the Romans drank?

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