Cancellations & Returns

Order Cancellations/Changes

Except for orders placed and cancelled on the same business day, we must impose a 10% processing fee on cancelled orders paid for by credit card in order to recoup transaction and overhead costs. With any cancellation or change, please let us know as soon as possible, preferably by phone at 1-800-678-9463. In order to avoid a cancellation fee, you must obtain a verbal or written acknowledgment from us noting that we have received your cancellation request by the end of the same business day on which the order was originally placed. Note that special orders and pre-arrival orders are not cancellable.

Return Policy

WHWC is committed to ensuring our customers' satisfaction with our products and service. If we made an error by sending you an incorrect wine, or if you received a corked or otherwise flawed wine, please call us immediately at 1-800-678-9463 or email us , providing your order number and explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction. We will review the specific circumstances on an individual basis, and make a determination in a timely manner of whether the return request meets acceptable criteria. Should we accept responsibility for the error or flaw, we will either exchange the bottle(s) or issue a credit for the applicable amount. We do not accept returns after 30 days.

Under California law, we are not allowed to accept returns of wine or other alcoholic beverages if you change your mind on an order, do not like a wine, want to return a gift, or if you overbought and want to return excess wine from a previous purchase.

Neither we nor the shipping companies we contract on your behalf to deliver your wine insure against weather-related damage that may occur in transit, and we do not accept returns due to such possible damage that may arise after your wine has safely left our store. See our Weather Advisory for more detail.